Juno Temple: «Acting is like going to the university of life; one is constantly learning about people »

London actress Juno Temple (b.1989) is the daughter of filmmaker Julien Temple, who decided to specialize in video clips at the beginning of his career, was also able to make some fiction features such as Beginners (1986) or Bullet (1996) and has spent more than twenty years focusing a lot on the documentary genre, with contributions such as The dirt and the fury (2000), Joe Strummer: Life and Death of a Singer (2007), Oil City Confidential (2009) or Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan (2020), which will arrive in Spain next April. In fact, her firstborn’s debut was in a movie of hers: as the Emma Southey of Pandaemonium (2000).

But we can recognize Juno Temple more for other papers, like his Lola Quincey from Atonement (Joe Wright, 2007), the fifteen-year-old Anna of The Possible Lives of Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael, 2009), his Jen from The Dark Knight Rises (Christopher Nolan, 2012), the Fauna fairy in the two parts of Maleficent (Robert Stromberg, Joachim Rønning, 2014, 2019), his Deborah Hussey de Black mass (Scott Cooper, 2015), the Jamie Vine of Vinyl (Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen, Terence Winter and Mick Jagger, 2016), his Carolina Rannell of Wonder wheel (Woody Allen, 2017) or Keeley Jones from Ted lasso (Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis, since 2020).

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Apple TV +

An inspiring little human being

And now for its Shelly from Palmer (Fisher Stevens, 2021), the Apple TV Plus film that can be seen on his platform for a few weeks. On what attracted her to want to get involved in the project, Juno Temple told you in an interview that the basics are nature and the personal bond between the characters: “I was really moved by the script, and I found in the character of Sam [Ryder Allen] a deep and inspiring little human being. And because of this boy’s journey with the one who, strangely, becomes a father figure for him because he has no one like that; but at the same time it teaches Eddie Palmer a lot [Justin Timberlake] how he guides him to face things ”.

“It’s a beautiful relationship between two very different people who meet, help each other, and love each other,” continues Juno Temple. “And I think my Shelly is interesting, and it’s a privilege to play her with Ryder as Sam. I loved working with him and it has been a great experience ”. Because, from his point of view, “Ryder and Sam have very similar qualities: Ryder is curious, charming and inquisitive, and he really has that incredible self-awareness, which is genuine in real life and you see it in the movie. And he’s very interested in what’s around him, and he watches people, tells them how wonderful they are, and asks them questions. So it was perfect to play Sam. “

Tireless Actor as Eddie Palmer

And he continues with these words: “I hope viewers are as inspired by Sam as I am,” by “his non-judgmental perspective on the people around him. And that they understand that we have to listen and learn and respect each other ”. On the other hand, as regards Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple assures that it is “a tireless, loving, brave actor and very committed to the characters he plays”. One of your favorites to work with. “He finds it really inspiring, because it pushes you in very interesting directions. And because of the beautiful friendship he and Ryder created off-camera and in front of her, she thinks he’s a fabulous actor. “

palmer apple tv plus juno temple interview
Apple TV +

The British actress took it very seriously when preparing her character. “I talked a lot with the director, and I focused my part in a big way because, if I was dealing with a mother who abuses drugs, I wanted to understand what the moments were like when Shelly was really high, or coming off of them or dosing them”, He explains. “It was important to understand it to interpret it because this creates a different type of energy in each phase, in your mind and your body. To know it when it is not placed, I am not going to say normal but with the feet more on the ground. She is addicted to methamphetamine, which is a brutal drug that destroys people’s lives and steals it because it is very addictive. “

Act according to Juno Temple

“It’s terrifying and it takes the color out of your life,” he insists, “but it also gives you super-powerful feelings that you’re better than you really are.” In addition, Juno Temple “wanted to do justice to Shelly because she deeply felt her character”, who is “very human, risky and real” and is in “a very complicated situation. She is struggling with her addiction and believes that she does not know how to be a good mother, something difficult to interpret ”. So “she is very grateful because she has learned a lot from her.” You acknowledge that “acting is like going to the university of life; one is constantly learning about people, how they approach their lives and the way they see the world”.

The joy of shooting movies and series is how it can be of interest to people, how they can make you feel less alone and, in certain circumstances, make you understand yourself better and in a way that I did not know ”, reflects Juno Temple; “And transport you to places in the world that you have never been to and learn about them, about different cultures that can teach you what others are experiencing and understand humanity more and empathize more with people. As an actor, it’s great how you have to empathize with the characters you play, and not prejudging them seems very important to me ”. How to decide to embody those “who leave an impact in some way” on the viewer.

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