Kamala Harris, a star is born

Kamala Harris, cheered yesterday by a crowd. (Twitter image Kamala Harris).

He has born a star. Without a doubt, it is what it has to be the first vice president elected of the US history. Since yesterday the world – politicians, actors, housewives, feminists, men and women of all kinds from the left and even the moderate right, trade unionists and people from a wide range of liberal professions from half the planet, including the and The seniors, launch messages that value this woman ecologist and feminist, which has made history.

To this still senator, be FCalifornia Attorney General made her an emerging figure of the Democratic Party, Y aspired to be a candidate for the Presidency by the Democrats, without success. This battle was also won by Joe Biden. Then it did not raise passions in public opinion. Just a few weeks later, the world already has a new idol. So be it and do not disappoint.

Daughter of a Jamaican father and a Tamil mother, Kamala harris since yesterday afternoon it is part of the homes of the planet. Is the minority hope, of the American dream and of everyone who wants to prosper. It is already the image of the disinherited – although it has nothing to do with them – and of those who seek an opportunity. Remember the global impact of the vice president-elect on that of Obama himself.

The first, but not the last

Harris, in his first words after congratulating Joe Biden in a video that the president-elect himself made viral on his twitter, has affirmed that although she is the first woman to access this position in the country’s history, she will not be the last.

During his victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware, Harris thanked Americans for voting for hope, “science and truth,” to usher in “a new day” at home.

And the US and the rest of the world – in Spain too – make the political future of this their own. mixed race woman on which all hopes have been pinned.

The media throughout the international arena have rushed to advance that Harris could be Biden’s replacement in the White House. It is already the unofficial alternative of the Democrats. Four years in office will make it, or not, possible.

The erotica of power

The world likes Kamala Harris so much that, perhaps compared to Biden, they talk about the young woman, when he is 56 years old. The eroticism of power, perhaps because it is, makes us see it pretty, young, attractive and good.

Harris will also break the mold because he has no children. She contributes the two children of her husband, the lawyer Douglas Emhoff, who will be the first male consort of the US Vice Presidency.

So much has been the worldwide impact of Harris, that for the first, also in the history of an election in this country, oranother woman casts a shadow in full celebration for the result of the elections, the future first lady: Jill Biden.

The president-elect’s wife is a teacher and has no intention of quitting her job. The 69-year-old professor teaches English at Virginia Community College, has a Ph.D. and two Masters in Education.

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