Kate Winslet recalls cruel tabloid criticism of her weight

Not everything has been awards, applause and spotlights in the prolific career of Kate Winslet.The actress has also had to face criticism of her physique from tabloid magazines, especially during his beginnings, as he has now recalled in an interview for The Guardian.

In the conversation with the English medium, he recalled the criticism for his weight that he had to deal with when he began to take his first steps in the industry. “In my twenties, people talked a lot about my weight,” has recalled: “And they called me to comment on my physique. So they labeled me brave and outspoken. No, I was just defending myself.”

Winselt has assured in the interview that there were moments when he did not defend himself as much as he should have done because women, especially at that time, were afraid to express what they thought. For her, as for many others, the change in that attitude came with the #MeToo movement because it made women “feel a sense of connection to each other.”

The actress has said that, recently, she has re-read some articles about her in the late 90s, when she was only 19 years old. “It was almost ridiculous how shocking, critical and cruel the tabloid journalists were to me,” has stated.

“I was still trying to figure out who it was. They commented on my height, made estimates about my weight, published the supposed diet I was doing “, has added: “It was critical, horrible, and disappointing to read. But it also made me feel very touched. Because of how different it is now. ”

Despite this early media harassment from the tabloid press, Winslet has continued to work all these years, achieving one of the most chameleonic and envied careers in Hollywood. We hope to see you soon in the aftermath of Avatar, but before, On April 18, it will hit HBO with a miniseries,Mare of Easttown, in which he plays a detective investigating a murder.

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