Keiji Mutoh signed with NOAH and Jun Akiyama with DDT – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Through a press conference, Cyberfight the parent company of DDT Y NOAH, made the announcement of the hiring of its current top monarchs, Jun Akiyama and Keiji Mutoh, respectively.

► Two signings that are worth gold

On the DDT side, Jun Akiyama signed a one-year full-time contract with DDT. On the NOAH side, Keiji Muto has signed a two-year contract with NOAH.

President Sanshiro Takagi said the signings were made because he believes these two treasures will be the driving force for CyberFight to become the number one company in the world of professional wrestling.

Takagi originally asked Akiyama, 51, to join DDT in January after having talks with AJPW late last year. Akiyama did not make a deal due to his knee surgery and asked to wait until after the grand performance “KAWASAKI STRONG 2021” to make a decision. As soon as the main event ended and the show ended, Akiyama accepted Takagi’s offer to become DDT’s head coach. Akiyama knew of the risks involved and wants to put everything he knows into DDT. Sanshiro Takagi also said that he would like to take advantage of the leadership knowledge that Akiyama had gathered since the 1990s under Giant Baba in AJPW and under Mitsuharu Misawa in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

For his part, Naomichi Marufuji, Executive Vice President of CyberFight, believes that Muto’s star power is important in helping NOAH become a global company. He also has a strong sense of responsibility towards the company after becoming the GHC Full Weight Champion. Muto said that as long as NOAH has the number one fighter in the industry, CyberFight must also become the number one organization.

He also indicated that Mutoh has been a part of NOAH for a long time and it was time to strengthen that relationship.

Mutoh, who was also involved in the management of WRESTLE-1, said that he joined the team because he believes in the project of this new administration and will do everything possible to brighten his reign.

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