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Marvel fans, and especially Daredevil fans, may begin to have low-key hopes for the show’s return. After several months of hiatus, the good news seems to be yet to come.

This week, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige made it clear that does not rule out a return of Netflix’s Marvel series, in what seems a direct allusion to the possible inclusion of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The information emerged in the middle of an interview with Deadline, in which he was asked directly if the Netflix Marvel series could return or not; this time to Disney Plus.

Feige didn’t elaborate, but left the door open for the possibility: “Well, you’ve certainly seen what we announced at Comic-Con at Disney Investor Day a few weeks ago, that’s our focus. But I’ve been in Marvel long enough to never say anything. “

Sound like a vague answer?


It is without a doubt, but if we analyze the previous ones of the producer it is much more direct than it seems. Until now, the mere possibility of recovering the character was in limbo of postponed projects by the House of Ideas. DareDevil’s fate was shrouded in rumors. Since then, they have circulated on social media, and at the end of last year it was ensured that Daredevil would at least have a significant cameo in Spider-Man 3, news that was verified almost immediately.

Right now, the movie is shooting in Atlanta and, although actor Charlie Cox has not yet been seen on set, everything seems to indicate that his performance will be more than a special appearance.

The event and Feige’s comment apparently open the doors to the possibility that the film is the presentation in the MCU of the character, which could lead to an immediate spin-off of its own.

The idea does not seem far-fetched and yes, part of a strategy to link the old Netflix series with the larger Universe to which they belong. Last week too Rumors began to circulate that Jessica Jones could appear in the next Disney Plus series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, She Hulk. Feige did not confirm the information.

A long drive home


To get into context. IndieWire reported in August 2019 that the original contract between Marvel and Netflix prevented Marvel shows and characters from appearing in series or movies that were not part of the platform for at least two years after cancellation.

But November 2020 marked two years since Daredevil’s cancellation. Which allowed Charlie Cox to appear on any Disney owned MCU property. Next February, will mark two years since the cancellation of Jessica Jones.

In an interview in May, Charile Cox himself said that “He would love nothing more” than to replay Daredevil. However, the actor said that carrying out a fourth season of the Marvel series would be almost impossible as most of the cast and crew have other commitments today.

The actor explained to Variety that the sudden cancellation forced much of the talent behind and in front of the cameras to make quick decisions about their future. “When you do a television program it is very difficult to put the pieces of all the schedules and commitments of those involved together. Much more if two years have passed after it ended ”.

The statements made it clear that the return of the series, as we knew it, was an unfeasible possibility.

A complicated project

On the other hand, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter told ComingSoon last month that he has not had no conversation with Disney and Marvel about reviving his character, perhaps the only one that has not been involved in rumors of comebacks or revivals since the cancellation of the Netflix series.

“I have to say, I rarely think of it in the sense of what it could or will be. I know the fans are eager to see something with the character, ”Colter said during the interview. “I know I established it and it was an honor to do so, but I don’t know what the future holds… If something happens, I would love to have a conversation with them, but for now, I’m not waiting. I’m just happy either way, it was a good race. “

Fans will have to keep waiting to see if Cox, Ritter and the other Netflix-Marvel actors ever replay their superhero characters in series that will have the commitment to exceed the quality of those produced by Netflix.

Meanwhile, the followers of the Universe will be able to console themselves for the absence with good news: this Friday the MCU finally begins its fourth phase with the debut of * WandaVision on Disney Plus

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