Kiko Matamoros blames Javier Tudela’s father for orchestrating the insults he received live – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Kiko Matamoros’ war with Javier Tudela and Makoke intensified after the interview that the former contestant of ‘GH VIP 4’ granted in ‘Saturday deluxe’. One of the most critical moments was lived on January 12, when Sergi Ferré was at the door of the Tudela restaurant and several young men began to insult Matamoros. Although at that time the identity of those was unknown, the collaborator has already pointed out the culprits.

Kiko Matamoros points to Javier Tudela’s father and brother in ‘Save me’

« One of the three that appears is Javier Tudela’s brother« , stated Kiko Matamoros in ‘Save me’ a day after the events occurred, commenting that it could even be a minor. « It reveals what is behind Tudela’s speech in the ‘Deluxe’. It’s all orchestrated and managed by a man who has no scruples in sending his son to commit a crime « .

The collaborator pointed directly to Javier Tudela Sr. as the person responsible for those three young people interrupting the live show. In addition, he stated that he was going to denounce them for a crime of insults. « The responsibility lies with the parents. The minors are minors and will have to be seen« . Matamoros claimed that going to take Makoke to court « based on the data protection law and the violation he made of a right that assists me », to Javier Tudela father for what happened on the live and to Javier Tudela son for insults and calumnies.

Javier Tudela’s father would have confessed it

The ‘Save me’ reporter who suffered the reprimand of the young people has explained how everything happened. « We arrived an hour in advance and we did not find anyone in the area. There was a moment in the program in which it was established that we were going to be in Javier Tudela’s restaurant and it was at that moment when when he learned that we were there, The kids should have gone to the point of the direct« , he recounted.

« We started the live show and it was all very fast. It was quite unexpected because they weren’t near us, they suddenly appeared and at one point I saw that they began to surround me and that it was something more organized than casual, « said Sergi Ferré, who, moreover, received a call from Javier Tudela’s father when he was heading home. « Between laughs he revealed to me that he had sent those kids and that one of those who appeared behind me was his son. « However, Tudela father would not have ordered them to insult the collaborator, explaining to the reporter that » they came up a bit. « 

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