Kiko Rivera will have to sit on the bench for the accusations he made against Ramón Calderón

If 2020 was difficult for Kiko Rivera, 2021 continues in the same line and seems to give no respite. Several are the wars that the GM has open so far after the confrontation with his mother, Isabel Pantoja. Now a new front opens with Ramon Calderon, what will make you sit on the bench soon.

The lawyer who defended his interests when Paquirri died is now suing Kiko after statements What did he do in the Mediaset special Singer: A Poisoned Inheritance, what reached record figures of spectators.

In the program Kiko came to cross out “scoundrel“the lawyer in addition to directly implicating him in the plot. Therefore, Calderón has started legal proceedings against him.

This Thursday, during Ana Rosa’s program All the details about the lawsuit for which he and Kiko will meet in court have been discovered. The main reasons are the violation of honor and insults and slander. A demand that Calderón himself recognized as a tough decision to carry out: “He is the son of my great friend and it is very difficult to report him“.

The amount that Ramón would ask Kiko a lot is rumored could amount to 500 thousand euros due to the number of people who watched the television special.

The accusations of Kiko Rivera must be demonstrated before a judge, as Ramón Calderón himself has expressed, that is willing to go all the way to prove his innocence.

Calderón even asked for a correction by the DJ, but this did not come. Lawyer came to speak with the Rivera brothers. “I told you this very thing that I am saying to you: ‘To assume that he was wrong and to be asked. ‘ If they have done it or not, I don’t know anymore, “he explained during an intervention in the morning program.

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