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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has stressed that the United States is his country’s « greatest enemy »

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Seoul.- The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has stressed that, regardless of the replacement in the White House, U.S is he « greatest enemy« of his country and has promised further development of his weapons of mass destruction to deter Washingtonstate media reported today.

Kim waited until the fourth day of the one-party congress in Pyongyang to finally speak directly to the US and convey the idea that, at least to the public, North Korea maintains its position intact in the process – stalled since 2019 – to negotiate disarmament and peace treaty.

What’s more, the North Korean dictator sent a declaration of intent for the next premiere of the Administration of US president-elect, Joe Biden, assuring that his Army has not stopped expanding and refining its arsenal despite the open dialogue process in 2018 and that is preparing to test new weaponry.


In his speech before the eighth congress of the Workers’ Party, held on Friday and reproduced today by the state agency KCNA, Kim spoke of the need to « impose on the United States, the greatest enemy, the main obstacle in the development of the revolution. « 

In turn, and without making a direct reference to Biden (whose electoral victory the regime has not even commented on), the North Korean leader referred for the first time to the change of command in the White House, assuring that the US policy to stop with his country he remains immovable « regardless of who is in power. »

The supreme leader urged Washington to withdraw international sanctions on North Korea and defended the need to « constantly strengthen the most powerful deterrence » to protect his country.

In that sense, he praised the latest weaponry advances made by the People’s Army, including the huge new intercontinental missile exhibited in a parade last October and boasted of the preparation of a new design for nuclear-powered submarines (the current fleet uses diesel). .


Kim also stressed the need to improve « preventive and counterattack nuclear attack capabilities » in order to « attack and destroy strategic targets within a range of 15,000 kilometers. » Washington It is about 11,000 kilometers off the eastern North Korean coast.

North Korean propaganda assured that the development of new weapons tactical nuclear weapons, new nuclear warheads with more destructive capabilities, new solid fuel missiles (more efficient than liquid fuel), new drones and even a military surveillance satellite.

The KCNA note said that « preparations are being made to test and produce » some of these new assets.

This suggests that the regimen may soon begin new tests for weapons to pressure the new US government if it insists on maintaining the strategy that failed in 2019 in Hanoi, where Washington it refused to lift sanctions because it considered the North Korean disarmament offer insufficient.

The KCNA note again insisted that during Friday’s session the idea was reaffirmed that North Korea « It is a responsible nuclear power, which will not abuse the use of weapons nuclear weapons unless hostile invading forces try to use them against us. « 


Kim Jong-un He also made reference to South Korea in his speech and to the bad moment that the cross-border relationship is experiencing, progressively cooled by Pyongyang after the failure in Hanoi with Washington, Seoul’s main ally.

Kim added that the improvement of relations depends only on the South, which he urged to respect the inter-Korean agreements signed in 2018.

In that sense, he again denounced the holding of joint military exercises with the United States, which the regime considers a test to invade its territory, as well as « the importation of advanced military equipment » and « the modernization of the armed forces » in the South.

Seoul, for its part, insisted that the Moon Jae-in government remains « firmly committed to implementing the inter-Korean agreements » and hopes to achieve a framework of « peace and prosperity » on the peninsula, the Unification Ministry said in a statement. Southerner, in charge of ties with the North.

Pyongyang’s propaganda media, which have maintained great secrecy around the congress, still do not specify the date on which the event will conclude and simply indicated that the meeting will continue on Saturday.

The regime is expected to put an end to this council, which has convened thousands of party delegates in the capital, with a parade in Pyongyang, the preparations for which have been captured in satellite photos.

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