Know how much the car prepared to withstand the end of the world is worth

Apocalypse Manufacturing seems to believe strongly in the possibility of the end of the world coming. Preparing for the apocalypse, the Fort Lauderlade, USA-based company has built a car that can withstand any catastrophe and its price is insane.

As he recalls a report published on the website of Tork News, doomsday vehicles are highly sought after by car fanatic collectors. Many are the specialized brands that have created these models, such as the 6×6 from Apocalypse Manufacturing.

One of the most spectacular models of the American firm is the Juggernaut, the same name as the well-known enemy of Marvel’s X-Men. This car takes as its axis a RAM TRX truck to which some changes were made, such as the insertion of a third pair of wheels.

This jewel of anti-apocalypse engineering measures 2.24m high, 2.49m wide and 6.91m long. But even more astonishing than its interior, its exterior, and its size, is its enormous price.

How much is the Juggernaut worth?

Under normal conditions, a TRX RAM would have a market value of $85,000. However, the Juggernaut is worth about $300,000.

And why this price? We can not only see it reflected in its monstrous exterior, but also in its luxurious interior, which is decorated by a beautiful starry ceiling whose color can be changed with a remote control.

The Juggernaut boasts a powerful 6.2-liter supercharged HellCat V8 engine, which allows it to generate a power of 850 horsepower.

The roar of its engine, the monstrous appearance, its price and all the details make this model from Apocalypse Manufacturing a wonder for the end of the world. Who wouldn’t want to see a meteor shower inside this ship?