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Last week we saw a Xavier Woods in a solo fight on Monday Night Raw, where by the way, he was defeated by RETRIBUTION’s T-Bar. The reason we learned shortly after when WWE confirmed the injury of his teammate Kofi Kingston, an injury that we informed you of last January 11 in Super Luchas.

Despite the circumstances, the company has decided to go ahead with the rivalry between RETRIBUTION and The New Day since this may be the last lifeline for the squad led by Ali.

Kofi kingstonKofi kingstonKofi Kingston in his last appearance on Raw

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Since WWE confirmed the injury of the former Tag Team Champion in the WWE Red Division until recently, nothing more had been said about it, until this week on The New Day podcast, Kofi Kingston himself has given more details about how it was produced the injury.

For now neither company nor talent have wanted to set a date for the return of the former world champion to the ring, although tonight we could get out of doubt in the new episode of Raw in the absence of hands of two weeks for the Royal Rumble in which Kingston has always been one of the great attractions thanks to its athletic ability that for years has left several segments in the Top 10 of this first great annual event.

«I was injured three weeks ago on Raw when Cedric Alexander kneed me in the jaw. I lost a couple of teeth. It’s okay, I’m fine, I have no hard feelings but the blow really hurt. I thought it would have left me a little mark and little else. The following week we had a 4 vs. 4 and everything went well. Something hurt but nothing terrible. Then, the following week, we had another fight and just before going out to the ring I felt that something was not right. It was weird because felt something loose in my mouth and as soon as I stepped into the ring I felt like I had something in my mouth that was spinning me around, something that was not in place.

«Throughout the combat, every time something happened or I was hit or made a move I had to grab my jaw. It was like this throughout the fight and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all the time. The difference is that not having the adrenaline that the fans provide you, it was all much more difficult. If there had been fans, it would have been more bearable. That changes the dynamics completely and the way you approach the actions between the strings. It was really strange. I don’t know if it’s for the better or for the worse. I think the best way to describe it is ‘different’.

Kofi kingstonKofi kingstonKofi Kingston hits Cedric Alexander in the match where he was injured.

¿Kofi Kingston will return tonight to Monday Night Raw Or will we continue to watch Xavier Woods take on each and every member of RETRIBUTION until the Ghana-born Superstar returns?

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