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The promotional campaign for Xbox Series X | S started with everything and although the idea of ​​Microsoft’s games division is for everyone to play, in some markets the fact that the brand’s gifts reach people who are famous, but not necessarily have to do with video games or consoles. Although this strategy had not caused problems, it recently faced the peculiarity of the South Korean market.

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This streamer didn’t like the gift Xbox sent him

The new stage of Xbox has been marked by a new strategy to reach important markets in Asia, starting with South Korea and Japan. In the case of the first country, it is known that gaming on PC and mobile phones has the domain, so more than in the first instance, Xbox seeks to strengthen its presence there with Game Pass and Project xCloud, even the first commercial has the League of Legends star Faker.

Well, continuing with its promotional campaign and its intention to bring gaming to everyone, Xbox decided to send a gift to a Korean streamer: a Jenga special edition of Xbox Series X. As we informed you, this edition of the skill game was launched for celebrate the debut of the new generation of the brand and so far it is not for sale, so it is a special object. However, for the streamer who received the gift, it did not mean anything because during its transmission he presented the gift and annoyed he pointed out if it was the best Xbox could do and even thought it was a joke. The streamer, offended and enraged, decided to throw the Jenga in full transmission.

Although the streamer’s action was criticized, Korean media and players did the same with Xbox, noting that he sent a gift to a streamer that really has nothing to do with the video game scene, since his channel and broadcasts are dedicated to the cooks and occasionally plays World of Warcraft, but only as a distraction and without being tied to the PC game.

Thus, the attempt by Microsoft’s games division has run into a peculiarity in South Korea and it seems that there is a lot of work to be done if it seeks to win over that audience.

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