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Add up and go! The Javis are already preparing ‘Cardo’, their new series after the success of ‘Veneno’

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi are in a brilliant moment of their careers and everything indicates that they have no intention of stopping creating new content. They have established themselves internationally thanks to the series Veneno, applauded by many personalities in the United States after HBO Max began broadcasting it in that country last November, although much earlier they had already triumphed in our country with series such as Paquita Salas , as well as The Call in its musical and film version. Well, now Los Javis have a new project in hand under the title Cardo. A new series that will portray the crisis of the 30s through the eyes of its protagonist and in which toxic relationships, self-esteem problems and existential dilemmas will not be lacking. – Casual art and pure creativity inside the Javis house SEE GALLERY According to Variety magazine, the protagonist “will have a humiliating encounter with her ex-partner and suffer an accident that will change her life and force her to drag uncomfortable daily truths “. Information that Javier Calvo has corroborated, who has defined his next project as “an impressive generational bestiality.” In addition, he has also ensured that Cardo will be one of the many things that they produce in 2021, since, it should be remembered that a few months ago another project by these young creators came to light, focused on the history of the decline of a model of success in the seventies, whose title is still unknown. – Unstoppable! Los Javis are already working on a new fiction series An original fiction that will be premiered again on Atresplayer Premium and in which Los Javis will act as producers and scriptwriters within a team in which they would have had a large part of the creators of Veneno, including Claudia Costafreda as screenwriter. Of course, about the cast of actors it is not yet known who will participate, except for the leading role that will be played by actress Ana Rujas, who could already be seen in a small appearance in Paquita Salas. What is the plot of ‘Thistle’? Cardo will begin filming in the coming months and will feature a total of six episodes that will try to reflect how the beauty standards established in the eighties and nineties have affected the generations born at that time and who are currently beginning thirty. This is what will happen to its protagonist, a young woman who completely rethinks her existence, even abandoning her professional career in the world of television, where she works as a presenter and advertising actress, to help a 75-year-old woman called Puri to float her business, a flower shop. An existential journey full of introspection, in which there will be no shortage of approaches to drugs and love dilemmas on the path of the protagonist to find herself. – Take note! Ten Spanish series that you should not miss in 2021 As explained by José Antonio Antón, Atresmedia’s programming director, Cardo is “a generational story full of truth” and he has continued to explain: “Many people will recognize themselves in the experiences, fears and concerns of the protagonist, no matter where they come from (…) Cardo presents a 30-year-old girl who looks around and sees many things she doesn’t like “. – Their love story, their most difficult moments … The Javis bring out their most intimate side with Jesús Calleja – Javier Ambrossi and his romantic congratulations to Javier Calvo on his birthday

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