La Liga Santander: The Federation rejects the calendar and asks Tebas for tranquility

The Santander League The RFEF letter has been sent to Tebas, Deportivo, Numancia and the AFE

Andreu Camps, Secretary General of the RFEF RFEFMARCA

The Federacin looks for the way and the form to solve the unknowns that threaten the Spanish men’s soccer once the season has been closed with the rise of Elche to LaLiga. Andreu Camps has sent letters to LaLiga and CSD drawing the current map and the need to find a point of understanding as a basic premise at the beginning of the championship.

The one sent to Javier Tebas It also has as senders the Deportivo, Numancia Yet the AFE. In it, she asks Thebes for reassurance in addition to analyzing the existing scenario and affirming that the Federation does not approve the calendar sent by LaLiga.

“Let me start this writing by telling you that I do not get out of my astonishment when reading the content of the letter that you send us in relation to the raffle. Reading this letter and the set of the last writings and communications of its author, I allow myself without any type of acrimony, to recommend or advise you to calm your mood a bit. Please be reassured, be good for yourself, be good for your health and be good for football. “

Continue with the letter

“We can’t take credit for telling us to tell the Competition Committee that declares itself not competent on the request made by a member club of this Federation. We do not know completely if you give this type of indications to your Social Discipline Judge (it would be totally desirable if it were not like that), what I can tell you is that absolutely nothing we are going to say to you and less to indicate to the members of the Competition Committee of what you ask us. Please respect the Competition Committee and let them do their job and it is unlikely that he would go to the Committee when said body has not requested any allegation. If this is the case and at the time indicated, and if so agreed, the Committee may present the allegations it deems pertinent. It is unheard of for him to exert such pressure before any of this happens. Know that in the RFEF this type of action is not part of the institutional dynamics. We do not know if this is the dynamic is the presiding entity, but of course in this RFEF they will not be tolerated.

In addition, I am attaching a letter sent to the Director General of the CSD with a copy to you, where for the reasons stated in the same this RFEF cannot authorize the competition calendar proposed by the LNFP, as long as the conflicts raised are not resolved by the CSD and as long as the competent authorities do not guarantee the option of starting the official soccer competitions at the state level as a whole. “

States that the Federation cannot approve the schedule

“As soon as there is a guarantee from the competent public authorities of be able to start official competitions, the RFEF study the calendar. Finally, refrain from committing any illegality or irregularity with the draw for the First and Second Division competitions of the official soccer competitions in Spain. I tell you with crystal clarity, This RFEF will not recognize any mock draw that is organized from the LNFP and not only will he not recognize it, nor will it have any value, but I also announce that in the event that you organize an “unofficial” draw of the official soccer competitions in Spain you will be immediately reported for fraud in competitions before the CSD and before international football organizations. Know that any simulated draw that you organize will have absolutely no validity in the official competitions of Spanish football “.

Remember that the draw of the competitions is a matter of the Federation

“The RFEF will develop the competition draw, as the only entity that can do so, at the time it can be developed in accordance with current regulations and as soon as you have decided on the date on which the draw will be held, notify you immediately as it cannot be otherwise. By the way, I indicate that As of today, you have not yet sent us the list of conditions as is your right according to coordination agreement. If before next Friday 28 at 2:00 p.m. he has not sent us the conditions, we will understand that such do not exist and the RFEF hold the draw without them. We kindly ask you to forward these writings to the Clubs belonging to the Delegate Commission “.

“We bring to your attention a set of requests that have been made by second division clubs, union, etc. and that despite having transferred to the LNFP or elevated to the CSD they have not received an answer. On the one hand, we received a letter from the majority union AFE, of August 20, by which the Second Division is requested to be expanded to 26 teams“.

The Federation itself estimates that this modification would imply a new calendar

“Although the Union states in its letter that the expansion of the number of teams does not imply a modification of the 2020/2021 season calendar agreed between the Union and the LNFP, This circumstance seems impossible to us, given that the greater the number of teams, the greater the number of matches and the greater the number of matchdays. throughout a season unless the competition model is changed by making subgroups, which would further alter the competition model. We understand that this RFEF cannot approve a competition calendar as long as there is no agreement on it between the union and the LNFP and we see this agreement impossible with the last request made by the union. “

Go ahead with the request made by Numancia

“We have received a letter from CD Numancia, which we attach, in which the suspension of the calendar and the competition draw is requested waiting for the resolution of the disciplinary file open to Fuenlabrada by the RFEF Competition and Disciplinary Committee. We also have evidence of the brief, dated August 20, of the RC Deportivo de La Corua against CSD, in which the precautionary measure of the stoppage of the competition is requested. Likewise, we have evidence of the presentation by the LNFP of a conflict of jurisdiction before the CAS. From the RFEF’s point of view, this set of circumstances means that we are facing a conflict of the applicable legal framework that should be resolved by the own CSD urgently”.

It also asks the CSD to solve the labor dispute of the rest of the professionals who are not subject to LaLiga

“Divisions classified as professionals have had around 1,000 players with a professional contract, while the divisions directly managed by the RFEF have had More than 3500 players with a professional contract. All professional soccer players, both male and female, understand that they have the same right to develop their professional activity. From the RFEF we understand that both the professional players of the men’s first division and second division, as of the first and second division of women’s football, as of the first and second divisions of men’s and women’s futsal They must be able to start their competitions to develop their profession. Female soccer first and second division players must have exactly the same rights as men’s soccer players in order to develop their profession. “

Call for all open disputes to be resolved

“The competent authorities must regulate the necessary and essential legal framework that allows the initiation of all the competitions of the Spanish soccer state scope and not just one part. As long as that common legal framework does not exist, some competitions and others, with the same rights, cannot be started. For these reasons, The RFEF cannot authorize a competition calendar for the men’s first and second division teamsAs long as the conflicts raised by the clubs against the LNFP are not resolved, the number of teams that must play the Second Division is not resolved, and as long as there is no defined legal framework. When it is defined, we will proceed to study the

approval of the calendar “.

Camps ends by reminding the CSD of the different writings received and sent by LaLiga in a threatening tone during the last days.