lack of gravity, cosmic radiation and more

While astronauts from different space agencies get qualified training to complete missions in space, it is entirely true that they face different dangers when they leave Earth, even when prepared for those threats.

Some cons such as the lack of gravity are known to many, but this time we will explore this and other dangers faced by space travelers, with information from a report published on the website of Very interesting.

The dangers that astronauts face in space

Cosmic radiation is one of the biggest concerns of experts. That invisible danger that abounds in space and from which the Earth is protected by the atmosphere.

But outside the planet, the human body is impacted by this radiation, which could cause damage and changes in the central nervous system, cognitive and motor skills, among others. Also, exposure to cosmic radiation can increase the risk of cancer.

We must also talk about the lack of gravity, which can alter the different structures of the human body, balance, coordination, the cardiovascular and skeletal systems, something that scientists are working on to counteract, especially with suits.

This is the main reason why astronauts perform daily physical exercises and follow a balanced diet.

On the other hand, the mental health of astronauts is also at risk due to constant confinement and isolation, especially being away from their relatives, something that worsens their condition and for which they are trained.

Among the dangers, we must also highlight the possibility of technical failures in the ship and in the astronauts’ equipment, such as decompression or a leak in the cabin that could put their lives at risk.

Finally, there are the external elements, such as changes in pressure, temperature or even asteroids, which can put the integrity of space travelers at risk. Space debris is another danger, as with more than 20,000 objects in low-Earth orbit, including rocket fragments and discarded satellites, there is a real risk of collision with spacecraft.