Lady Sarah Chatto, the daughter of Princess Margaret who also said goodbye to British royalty

Not long before Sussexit starring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry another person who used to be at British royal family events decided that this was not the life he wanted to lead and decided to become independent and not look back. We are talking about Lady Sarah Chatto.

Queen Elizabeth II of England during an official visit to Watergate House, the central building of British Intelligence, in London (United Kingdom).

Recently, his son, Arthur Chatto, a muscular 21-year-old young man who occupies the 26th position in the line of succession to the throne but who is not called anything by Buckingham Palace because what he wants to be is a personal trainer in a gym in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, where he has found work while finishing his Geography studies.

But now it belongs to her mother Sarah, the youngest daughter of Princess Margaret, on whom we must focus because of how she knew how to detach herself from her strict formal education -based on the perfect manners that royalty is assumed to be- to give the leap to his true passion: the arts.

When she was young, this niece of Queen Elizabeth IIborn on May 1, 1964 She used to live in Kensington Palace where she was cared for by a professional nanny, a position that would have more or less the same duties as the last job offer made public by the Dukes of Cambridge.

However, what really caught his attention was what his father, Antony Armstrong-Jones, a British photographer and filmmaker, used to teach him. He was married to Princess Margaret between 1960 and 1978 -although with a multitude of problems and ups and downs-, and that introduced his daughter to the visual arts.

It is important to know that until the birth of Prince William (in 1982), she was seventh in the line of successionn, so it makes more or less sense all the righteousness with which she was brought up. However, when the heir of Charles of England came into the world, far from taking it badly, it was a turning point for Sarah Chatto.

That is why he decided to study first at the Camberwell College of Arts (which here would be a Bachelor of Arts) and, once he turned 19, he decided to take a couple of years sabbatical with his father touring India and helping you even in your work.

In fact, the Earl of Snowdon (a title that was created ad hoc for him) participated in the filming of Passage to Indiaby David Lean, taking care of the still photo, while his daughter got a creditable position in the wardrobe department.

The film sets, the spotlights and the cry of “Action!” they were not however new to her, who had already participated in the film East and west, by James Ivory, a year earlier, and where he met Daniel Chatto, who years later would become her husband, but with whom she did not formalize her love until 1987.

It was precisely in that year in which he decided to walk away from his royal obligations to focus on his artistic endeavors, a decision that his entire family accepted, although it is true that in part it happened because he did not completely dissociate himself, settling shortly after in an apartment in Kensington Palace.

This happened a few months after their wedding, at St Stephen Walbrook’s Church in 1994, and for which he wore a tiara that was a gift precisely from his father to his mother. On July 28, 1996 Samuel would be born and, almost three years later (on February 5, 1999), at the Portland hospital in London as his older brother, he gave birth to Arthur.

Following the death of her mother in 2002, Lady Sarah Chatto has maintained a close relationship with her aunt, Queen Elizabeth II, sometimes going on trips together to the monarch’s favorite Scottish havens. It should be added that, although she is not part of royalty, she and her family do attend and are very taken into account in the organization chart of the British royal house, as demonstrated by serving as godmother at the union between the Dukes of Sussex that, perhaps premonitory, they would follow in his footsteps shortly after and disengage from their duties.

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