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While other countries are vaccinating their citizens, Guatemala is not sure when the first vaccines will enter the country. Like Honduras and Nicaragua, we are waiting for mercy that we receive the vaccine through the Covax mechanism. This Global Access Mechanism to Vaccines against Covid-19 is spearheaded by the Coalition for Innovations in Preparedness for Epidemics (Cepi); the Alliance for Vaccines (GaviI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The mechanism seeks that the acquisition of the vaccine is carried out under the “Emergency Authorization” process in the context of a public health emergency. Countries participating in the Covax mechanism could decide to cover between 10 and 50% of the country’s population. Understanding and committing that, despite requesting doses for more than 20% of the population, they will be received after all other self-financed participants have also received doses in a sufficient quantity to reach 20% coverage or reach the chosen amount (if it is less than 20%). Just last Friday, the G7 agreed to fund an additional US $ 4 billion to complete US $ 7.5 billion for international programs against covid-19, such as Covax. However, from said to fact there is a long way to go. The reality is that rich countries have hoarded vaccines and are rapidly vaccinating their populations. Israel, the United States, Denmark, and Serbia lead the percentage of vaccinated over the total population. They forget that the inequality they cause in the distribution of the vaccine puts the entire planet at risk, as the UN is insistently warning. Effort and distribution should be fair.

Rich countries are putting the planet at risk by forgetting fairness in the distribution of the vaccine.

Samuel Reyes Gomez

It is shameful that as a nation we are left behind in the acquisition and application of the vaccine, observing how some neighboring countries, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Mexico, advance in their vaccination plan, especially since ours is a country in the that the President of the Republic is a doctor, and that he should be setting an example in this matter, taking into account, furthermore, that large amounts of money have been approved to contain this pandemic. I believe that the priorities of the Nation are being wrong. The political sector is debating in maintaining impunity and in taking advantage of state resources, instead of complying with what the Political Constitution of the Republic orders in its first articles; Article 1.- Protection of the Person. The State of Guatemala is organized to protect the person and the family; its supreme end is the realization of the common good. Article 2.- Duties of the State. It is the duty of the State to guarantee life, liberty, justice, security, peace and the integral development of the person to the inhabitants of the Republic.

The Executive body fell asleep by not directly contacting vaccine producing laboratories to carry out early negotiations with them, or to offer themselves as producers for Central America. The Legislative body has not been able to process the vaccine law either, by insisting on a mediocre, short-term agenda and where what they seek is to maintain their privileges, such as the recent attempts to revive transfuguism and other laws where they only seek your convenience. It seems that this is opening the doors for vaccination to be private. But this situation brings to light once again the problems for emerging acquisitions in this country, bureaucratic obstacles prevent us from acting efficiently and effectively. The recent ravages of hurricanes Eta and Iota remain unsolved and hope is lost, as we still see the aftermath of events farther in the distance such as Ágatha, Stan and Mitch. Emergencies must be taken care of, and for this it must be properly legislated to act and make the weight of the law fall mercilessly on those who take advantage of it.

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