Laia Sanz confesses that she has had Lyme disease, caused by a tick bite

The best Spanish trial and enduro rider of all time, Laia sanz, is less than a month away from disputing which, possibly, is his last Dakar on motorcycles before making the jump to all four wheels.

This adventure has been around his head for a long time, and that is partly why he has embarked on the project of Acciona Sainz XE-Team, where the teacher Carlos Sainz Be your companion and also your team leader in the adventure of electric off-road raids of the new championship Extreme E, which he presented just a few days ago.

Avoiding being bitten by a tick is the only way to prevent Lyme disease.

However, it is now in the news for a public confession he has made. For her this 2020 has been complicated in health, and not only because of the pandemic that has affected the entire planet, but because in her case she has suffered the consequences of the Lyme’s desease. He has explained it in a video that he has shared on his social networks:

I wanted to tell you something that only my close people know. After the confinement, I started to feel bad and with strange symptoms, and although it was difficult, in the end I was diagnosed with Lyme disease caused by a tick bite. Now I feel very happy to be able to be in Dubai with the team training, although I’m still on antibiotics, but happy with the improvement. I want to thank the team and the sponsors for understanding the situation, and especially my close people. I know it is not the best way to prepare for a Dakar, but as always I will give it my all. See you in January“.

Singer Justin Bieber surprised his followers yesterday by confessing that he suffers from Lyme disease, an infection that can cause long-term joint pain and neurological damage if it is not treated in time.

Laia Sanz joins other personalities who have suffered in recent times this strange bacterial disease, which causes a skin rash, headache, fever, fatigue and in extreme cases can affect the joints, heart or nervous system. They have been hard and complicated months, especially because it is not an uncommon disease and it was difficult for doctors to diagnose it. “Now see the light at the end of the tunnel”, they confess from their environment to this medium.

Although he is much better, he has not yet finished the disease. Antibiotic treatment is slow, and mainly serves to alleviate symptoms, since the bacteria that cause it, the borrelia afzelii and borrelia garinii, they are very resistant to drugs. The objective of Sanz is to be at the top for the Dakar dispute in Saudi Arabia starting next January, but above all not having a relapse that can ruin the goal.

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