Lammens called for “extreme” care so that the summer season can continue – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, he insisted on the need to « take extreme care so that we can continue having the summer season » and ratified that it is not the intention of the national government to « suspend » it. as it represents an important economic reactivation for the tourism industry. « We have to take extreme care so that we can continue having the season »said the minister this morning in statements to radio Miter, in which he specified that -according to the report- there are one and a half million Argentines vacationing at this time in different destinations in the country.

Lammens participated in the press conference on Friday, together with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, and the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, in which the delegation to the provinces of the power to implement restrictions on circulation was announced and nocturnal activity, to lower the contagion curve. « These measures are so that we do not have to suspend the summer season, which, for the national and regional economy, is very important due to the movement and the generation of employment that it promotes, » said the head of the Tourism portfolio.

In this context, he added: « It was never thought of suspending the season, we are not imagining that alternative, but we are taking measures, since we cannot allow the increase in cases and that the effort of all this time is thrown away. » . For Lammens, With the new measures, « next week should begin to show that the numbers stabilize and there is a drop in the curve » of contagions.

Previously, Lammens said that « we need tourism to continue but, in order to continue the season, the care has to be increasingly strict. » « With the restriction of the night, the infections are going to drop considerably, » said the minister, insisting that the epidemiological situation « is different » in the different regions of the country, with which the restrictive measures must take into account the particularities. And he remarked: « We have the will to be able to complete the summer season until March. In fact, we are taking these measures so as not to have to suspend the season, which would be a very hard blow for the industry ».

The official asked the governors and municipal authorities to « Reinforce the controls around situations that we have seen in recent days », mainly at night. He also affirmed that « suspending the season would be a very hard blow for the tourism industry » and supported the application of nighttime restrictions to « preserve the work and health » of operators and workers in the sector.

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