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2021 comes with everything and apparently with several surprises under his arm, at least speaking of music, of course. Despite the fact that so far there is no news about the return of live concerts and festivals, the artists continue to take advantage of their days of confinement to compose and present us fresh songs, but there are some who are flat-out preparing their triumphant return with brand-new material, such as King’s wool.

For several months and after the premiere of Norman Fucking Rockwell! in 2019, The American singer announced that this year she would release her seventh studio album, Chemtrails over the Country Club. Although he did not abandon us completely, since last year he presented a poetry audiobook called Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass; however, we missed him showing us brand new songs.

Lana Del Rey returns with a beautiful ballad called "Let Me Love You Like A Woman"!Lana Del Rey returns with a beautiful ballad called

Lana Del Rey giving a show in 2019 / Photo: .

Lana Del Rey announces details of her new album

To calm the cravings of his fans, in mid-October 2020 Lana Del Rey released the first single from her next album, “Let Me Love You Like a Woman”, a ballad that actually continued with the sound that has been characterized for years. But a few days ago he returned to talk about announcing more details of his new album and above all, that in the following hours a new song would be released.

True to your custom, Lana used her social media to reveal the cover and tracklist of Chemtrails over the Country Club, which will feature 11 original songs. And of course, as he has done recently, he could not save himself from the controversy, because he mentioned on his Instagram account that his best friends and even boyfriends have been rappers, because She basically wanted to get ahead of herself before she was branded a racist or something, but it didn’t work out.

Lana del Rey wears the mesh mask again in her new videoLana del Rey wears the mesh mask again in her new video

This is the cover of ‘Chemtrails over the Country Club’ / Photo via Instagram: @lanadelrey

We finally have a new song and video

However, beyond the controversy and these details of his new album, as we mentioned before Lana Del Rey announced that we would soon hear new music. And he did so, because he released the official video clip of the song that gives the title to his next album, “Chemtrails over the Country Club” and we are sure that her fans of red bone will love her, because it has the essence that the singer has shown us over time.

In this song, Lana combines her signature glamorous singing style with loads of lively and romantic lyrics., which at one point fills us with melancholy and nostalgia. It may not show such a drastic evolution, but if you let us see that you know your style very well And although many criticize her for how monotonous her songs can sound, here he shows that he wants to go a step further with the voices at the end.

Photo: .

As if this wasn’t enough also released the official video for this single. In it we see the singer in a story that revolves around a house where everything seems to be normal, but in addition to surprising us because again she put on the mesh mask for which she was criticized a few months ago, Lana appears in the middle of a ritual where other women turn her into a werewolf, sooo strange this matter.

Chemtrails over the Country Club, Lana Del Rey’s seventh studio album to be released next March, 19. But enough talking and let’s move on to the music Check below the video of the song that gives the album its name:

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