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No matter how many treatments we undergo our skin, it is inevitable that the face will show the passage of time and that wrinkles and signs of aging make their appearance late to early. Of course, it is in our power to try to prevent them from leaving too deep a mark or to delay their emergence. Taking care of our skin daily with a good cleaning (better with a silicone brush) is the first step for any condition that may suffer and, in this case, opting for a cream with sun protection is one of the first measures we must take. in this regard, since the sun causes premature aging of our skin.

We can also carry out other treatments and routines that help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, how to reduce our exposure to screens and apply weekly masks that help treat our dermis. Likewise, daily massages on the face are also a source of facial rejuvenation and carrying them out is easier than we think, especially if we have the right tools. Haven’t heard of jade roller yet? This beauty gadget became very fashionable in the toiletry cases of those who wanted to take care of themselves, who soon made it a top seller.

It is not surprising given its advantages: the daily massage with its cold stones promotes the circulation of the face, thus avoiding the early incidence of wrinkles. Thus, there are many who cannot go through their routine without one of them. On many occasions, it is accompanied by a gua sha stone to complete the treatment. This is the case of the pack that we have found reduced by 40% on Amazon: during the next few hours, the set composed of both goes from cost 17 euros to 10.19. Last call to include them in your toiletry bag!

The roller on sale Amazon

Capable of fulfilling the most recognized functions of jade rollers, one of the aspects that stands out most about this Arclogy model is the good ratings it has received from users who have already tried it: more than 4,000 opinions that have earned it almost five gold stars within the catalog of the online shopping giant.

What to watch out for about this roller …

Double head design. This model stands out for being a double-ended roller to adapt to different facial areas: the smallest, for the eye area, while the largest is ideal for working the neck, face, arms, etc. Of course, the way to make both work is the same: you have to roll the product so that the stone moves up and out from the neck to the forehead.Includes a gua-sha stone. You may not have heard of this stone yet, but there are many benefits it has for our skin. Through light massages, it enhances facial and body cell regeneration, delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and promoting painless exfoliation.

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