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The Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) ad sales up to a twenty% in the annual balance and installment 1 of Urban Real Estate Tax, both in its built plant and vacant, until Tuesday, February 23.

Taxpayers who pay on time will have access to a 10% discount.

ARBA rebates for automatic debit

The body led by Cristian Girard offered additional discounts for those taxpayers who adhere to the automatic debit or are subscribed to sending the ballot by mail.

Besides of 10% discount for payment on time, they will receive a Additional 10% by adhering to these payment methods, adding a total of 20% reduction in your Urban Real Estate Tax.

ARBA clarified that those who are already registered to these modalities, will obtain the bonus without having to do any paperwork.

ARBA: How to process a ballot by mail or automatic debit

Those taxpayers who are not attached to the means of payment with additional rebates in the payment of their Real Estate Tax, may adhere to the ballot by mail through the ARBA website, a procedure that will be available 48 hours after it is completed.

To subscribe to the service, go to:

In the case of automatic debit, whether from a credit card, savings account or checking account, subscriptions will have a 60 day delay until it hits the system.

How to pay my ARBA taxes

ARBA reported that for pay your taxes without losing the benefit of 10% discount In payments on time, taxpayers may access the agency’s website to comply with their tax obligations.

The means of payment available online are:

Cards of credit
Cards of debit through homebanking or by ATM to get the code for the electronic payment

On the other hand, for pay ARBA taxes in person, Taxpayers will be able to attend all branches of Province Net Payments and other face-to-face service mouths.

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