Laura Escanes reveals the reason why she does not take her daughter to daycare

The couple formed by Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide has been the object of public interest since they announced their relationship and, with the arrival of the little rome to the family, she has also aroused the curiosity of the followers of the two on social networks.

Now that the girl is just over a year old, their fans have begun to be interested in the little girl’s education and how the two parents take charge of their upbringing and make their agendas compatible. To answer all these questions – and others of a different nature – the ‘influencer’ enabled a round of questions to resolve all doubts in this regard.

Among the queries, one has crept in in which a follower asked the young mother if she and Risto planned take the little one to kindergarten or if, on the contrary, they preferred to wait until he was three years old and began Early Childhood Education in a school.

Escanes explained that “for the moment” Risto and she have not considered it necessary for Roma to go to the nursery, since they both organize themselves to take care of her and satisfy her needs. In addition, he has indicated that, when neither of them can attend to her, they have a person of total trust with whom they are “absolutely safe and very calm”.

However, the model has recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic has conditioned this decision, since initially they did intend for Rome to attend kindergarten, and has not closed the door to this determination being able to change in the future.

In their response, Escanes also stressed that, although she does not go to a preschool, the little girl has a relationship with other children with whom he meets in the park and with the children of his friends.

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