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Super fruit: Learn about the many health benefits of noni juice
January 23, 2021 · 13:28 hs

Noni juice, strange as it may seem, has a curious amount of healing elements that are beneficial to health by taking care of various vital functions. Its botanical name is ‘Morinda citrifolia’ and it is a native plant from Oceania with the ability to spread along the tropical coastal strip without the need for human intervention.

Among its range of abundant vitamins are all those of the B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as a lot of various chemical compounds such as quercetin, scopoletin, xeronine, damnacantal, among others. In 2005, a possible liver toxicity was ruled out after the consumption of its juice in a study.

Some native Australians, New Zealand and Hawaiians have a high esteem for noni juice, because in addition to being for food use in the form of an infusion and the cooking of its sprouts, this natural drink is a tremendous antioxidant agent with numerous positive effects on the Health.

Its regular consumption must be verified by a nutritionist doctor, and the benefits to cardiovascular health are notable for its vasodilator effect that helps control blood pressure. Its protection to the liver is relevant according to this study by acting as a hepatoprotector against exogenous chemical substances.

Its potential as a juice suitable for problems with dementia has paid off for its proven antipsychotic qualities, as well as better cerebral blood flow that improves memory functions. It works against diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and showing anthelmintic activity against intestinal worms.

Because of its somewhat unpleasant taste for most of the people you would not think that it is so beneficial for health, but the truth is that there are few juices with so many contributions of minerals, vitamins and other components that make it a true miracle of nature You can combine it with another fruit or drink alone!

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