Learn about the new features coming to the app in 2023

Google Maps is the most used geolocation and navigation application in the world and much of its success is due to the constant updates and new features it offers. This 2023 will not be the exception.

In Mountain View they plan to improve the app when it comes to recommending restaurants, hotels and fun things to do, ideal functions for tourists, according to a report published on the Mountain View website. computer today.

But in addition, Google announced changes in the immersive view combined with Street View, with aerial images and will show weather and traffic information at the top to offer users “a rich digital model of the world.”

This is how the company explains it: “Let’s say you are planning a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. You can virtually fly over the building and see where, for example, the entrances are. With the time slider, you can see what the area will look like at different times of the day and what the weather will be like.”

“If you’re hungry, slide down to street level to explore nearby restaurants, and even peek inside to quickly get a feel for a place before you book,” Google adds.

Google’s Live View feature, based on augmented reality, takes live images from the phone’s camera and tops it with huge arrows and other information to help walkers get to their destination.

The immersive view begins rolling out today in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. On the other hand, Live View will be added to 1,000 new airports, shopping centers and train stations in different cities.

News for electric car drivers

Google Maps is also adding new features for electric vehicles that incorporate Google’s capabilities. For example, on any trip that requires a stop at a charging station, Maps will recommend the best place to stop based on current traffic, battery charge level, and expected battery consumption.

If the recommended charging stop is not convenient, it can be replaced by a nearby one with just a few clicks on the screen. With this feature, EV drivers won’t have to worry about stopping to charge, regardless of destination.