Leo Franco: “Raúl was Messi and Cristiano together”

Leo Franco, sitting on the bench of the Wanda Metropolitano. Angel Rivero

Demonstrating since childhood in Independiente de Avellaneda, Mérida signed him to play in Spain, although he quickly moved to Mallorca to begin writing his history in LaLiga. Leo Franco, sincere and serious, as much as he was on the playing field, gave an interview to the Youtube channel Ídolos where he spoke about Simeone, Atlético de Madrid and the best striker he faced, none other than Raúl González Blanco .

Diego Pablo Simeone: “Simeone already imagined his future as a coach. He is passionate about football. Few coaches have his capacity to work, he is a football lover. A guy who works a lot. There are times that coaches hit the mark on a team Cholo’s success at Atlético de Madrid is that only with his presence he is already on the key. He represents many things and when he arrives at Atlético he does so with great force. He is on the key because it is the history of the club. It is the history of the Atleti, like Luis Aragonés “.

Signing for Atlético: “Before signing with Atlético they told me that it is a club that you fall in love with, that’s why I signed. When I arrived I had to sign with three interveners because the club was intervened. When I left, I left it in its second participation in the Champions League” .

Atlético de Madrid’s white curse: “With all the clubs I was lucky to beat Real Madrid. Not with Atlético. However, we could beat Barcelona. There was a game with Madrid, we played at Calderón and lost 0 -3. We left the stadium applauded for how we played. We had danced for Real Madrid. That match was incredible, we dominated … but we couldn’t win. “

Raúl González Blanco: “The best striker for me was Raúl González. He was Messi and Cristiano together in his time. It was crazy.”

His piques with Forlán: “Playing against Villarreal with Atlético de Madrid we were winning 2 to 1 and I always tried to make time. Then Diego Forlan would come and tell me ‘don’t do it for a long time that he will not reach you’. We were going for the 80th minute and in the end we lost 3 to 2, with a goal from him and another from Sorín “.

Ariel Ibagaza: “Ariel Ibagaza played football a second before everyone else. He was the one who gave us (Mallorca) all the offensive part. He told Walter Pandiani and Samuel Etoó ‘you run ahead, I’ll leave the ball there'” .