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Higinio Robles

Mexico City / 22.01.2021 00:05:24

Fortune had not accompanied Atlético de San Luis at the start of Guard1anes 2021, In the Azteca the tie escaped in the last minutes and history was repeated against Necaxa, but luck changed, a good version appeared and they beat Chivas in a match where a better face was shown.

Leonel Rocco, coach of the Potosí team appreciated the triumph of his squad, said that in the team there was no tension due to the lack of results, but the triumph over the Sacred Rebaño is a positive charge.

« There was no tension, because there is a total conviction that it does give us oxygen because in football you have to get results and you have to add, we came from games that we did not deserve to lose, but we lost them, which gives us that peace of mind and knowing that we are on the right path and we have full confidence in the team, it is a group with commitment ”, said Rocco.

The Uruguayan coach pointed out that the victory was “a great match due to the team and work players, we were convinced with America it was a good match, with Necaxa it was not to lose, and today we had a group convinced of what we had to do on the field and to ensure respect for our house and a round match came out, the boys gave everything ”.

He considers that the football advancement that was seen against Chivas was because everyone in the team has assumed their role and feels important because “we are a team, not individuals and today it was seen, we are a group where we all support each other and today the team, we saw what we want from the team and we are happy, we deserved a win ”.

He also commented that strict protocols and talks with doctors are being carried out in San Luis to be alert to covid-19 and avoid any contagion as much as possible.

“We are handling it well, we do not have cases in the team, together with the doctors we have talks on care and prevention, we know that we can have a case at any time, but it seems to me that the League should continue, if there is one that has many cases a game can be postponed, it is done everywhere, but I think this must continue ”.


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