Leopoldo Luque will allege that he was no longer Maradona’s doctor before the accusations for his death

The doctor Leopoldo Luque has been one of the most famous proper names linked to the death of Diego Armando Maradona. The one who since his operation seemed to be the doctor of the Ten, or at least the visible face as far as his health was concerned, has been the principal noted by the Maradona family after the death of the former footballer.

The WhatsApp chat of Maradona's family with the doctors.

According to the environment closest to Diego, Maradona’s death could have been prevented with a more insistent attention to their state of health. It has been repeatedly pointed out that before he died he was several hours alone without being watched by any medical professional, hence the Argentine justice impute to doctor Luque in research by culpable homicide.

However, Luque has been clear in recent hours returning the accusations to the Maradona family as responsible for your clinical care. That will be the allegation that I present to the Prosecutor’s Office, affirming that the lawyer Victor Stinfale relieved him of this task putting a clinician in his place upon discharge from the hospital.

Luque will insist that Maradona’s family wanted him away from the Ten and that only his ties of friendship made him stop by his house in Tigre to worry about his health.

  • Leopoldo Luque, Maradona's doctor, attends the media at the door of the hospital

In the coming days more information will be known about it, once appraise seized mobile devices as part of the investigation, one from Leopoldo Luque and two others from Agustina Cosachov, Maradona’s psychiatrist who is also in the spotlight.

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