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It is not the first time that someone criticizes Pablo Motos through social networks, but this time the stir generated has been greater because the criticism came from Teresa Rodríguez, the president of Adelante Andalucía in the Andalusian Parliament and one of the most politicians known in this territory. Through your Twitter account, Rodríguez has rescued a couple of moments in which the presenter of ‘El hormiguero’ has despised, according to her, the Andalusian accent; something that the deputy considers « Andalusian ».

Teresa Rodríguez charges against Pablo Motos and accuses him of « Andalusiaphobia »

« Motos, who asked Roberto Leal if he was going to leave his accent, asked Sarriá to speak » perfect Spanish « and not breathe the s », commented politics, while sharing a video of ‘El Hormiguero’ of 2016 in which, during one of the games in the program, Motos begs Manolo Sarriá and Los Morancos to speak, pronouncing all the letters so that their guest, a native of Toledo, and the public can understand them. The expression of « perfect Castilian » has squeaked at Rodríguez, who has ironized saying: « Apparently Lorca, Zambrano or even García Márquez did not speak ‘perfect Spanish’ ».

This moment, together with Motos asking Roberto Leal if he was « going to leave » his accent to present ‘Pasapalabra’, have been the two examples that Rodríguez has set to exemplify what she considers « Andalusian. » « It is the prejudice that attributes the Andalusian ignorance and incorrectness. It is a very specific type of classism and supremacism « , has explained the policy.

Rodriguez’s lesson

Rodríguez, who was a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature for several years at a Cadiz high school, has explained to the Valencian why it is not wrong to speak by aspirating the S’s at the end of the word: Southern dialects are the most common form of pronunciation of Castilian. Specifically, the aspiration of -s implosive is made by the majority of the world’s Spanish speakers « .

After this little explanation, the ex-founder of Podemos has launched a pullita to the presenter. « Let’s see who is uneducated now », Rodríguez has written next to the smiley of a wink. After that, she has been proud of her land and her accent (« Put it in your head, Pablo, the Andalusian is perfect »), in addition to thanking Sarriá, Jorge Cadaval and Roberto Leal for « their magnificent responses » in defense of the dialect: « On behalf of Andalusia: thank you ».

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