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The affectionate congratulations of Pau Gasol and Cat McDonnell to Bianka Bryant: ‘You are unique’

After the sad death last January of Kobe Bryant and his eldest daughter Gianna, Pau Gasol, a great friend of the Lakers star, promised that he would never leave his widow Vanessa alone, or his other three daughters, and he is exceedingly complying. The Catalan athlete and his wife Catherine McDonnell share time with them whenever they can and are present on designated dates such as Halloween, when they organized a fun themed party all together. Now that little Bianka is four years old, the couple has not forgotten to congratulate her with some beautiful words in which they record the enormous love they feel for the girl and her family. – The ‘Uncle Pau Gasol’, the best host for Vanessa Bryant and her daughtersVIEW GALLERYVIEW GALLERY “Come on BB, come on! One, two, three, four! Happy birthday to the most fantastic girl, Bianka, you are unique and you shine very strong. You are incredibly sweet, daring, funny, strong, pretty, witty and intelligent. You are the perfect combination between your mom and your dad and you are very dear. Happy fourth birthday, princess, Ellie, Pau Gasol and I love you very much ” , Cat has written along with some photographs of the girl, affectionately called by her initials, BB, in which she appears playing with a smile and also making cuddles to little Ellie, who is about to turn three months old. SEE GALLERYAu Gasol, for his part, in addition to liking his wife’s message, has also wanted to pay his own tribute to his friend’s third daughter with an image in which she appears very naughty trying on flip-flops that are clearly not They are your size. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful, sweet and fun four-year-old girl in the world. We love you BB!”, The athlete has published. While her ‘uncles’ – since they always refer to Vanessa as their ‘sister’ – raved about the birthday girl, Bianka, dressed like a princess, was enjoying an authentic fairy tale party. There was not even Cinderella’s carriage, made up of blue and white balloons, where the little girl posed happily with a friend her age. The death of Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter, was a hard blow for Pau Gasol and the first thing he did when he found out, he moved to California to support his wife and the girls. “His loss is brutal. I did not know how to express how I felt. When I could put a few words together, I sent them in a message and he answered me really fast, I was very surprised and I was very grateful. I told him we were here, so he would know that if they needed something, we would be here. Not only now: we will be there for them forever, “Gasol explained in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in February. Since then they have shared difficult moments with them, but also good news such as the birth of Pau and Cat’s daughter, whom they named Elisabet Gianna in tribute to Kobe’s eldest daughter. As godmother they chose Vanessa, to whom Cat dedicated these words shortly after the birth of the little girl: “Beautiful inside and out. Thankful to have a strong, incredible, attentive and loyal friend like you. Elisabet Gianna loves her godmother and her godmother sisters “.

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