Lisa Montgomery finally died: the US executed the only woman on death row

15 minutes. The state of Indiana executed this Wednesday Lisa Montgomery, the only woman who was on death row in the United States (USA) and the first to be executed at the federal level in more than 6 decades.

Execution by lethal injection occurred in the Terre Haute prison complex. The Supreme Court finally lifted the suspension that a federal court ordered a few hours earlier.

His death, witnessed by a group of journalists from an adjoining room, was certified after 1:30 in the morning, local time, according to some media that picked up the story of the process.

Lisa montgomery he waived his right to utter his last words. He simply answered “no” when one of his executioners uncovered his face and asked if he wanted to say something.

Our Constitution prohibits the execution of a person who cannot rationally understand that execution“(…). The current Administration knows it. And they killed her anyway.” This was denounced by his lawyer, Kelley Henry, in a statement released by the press.

The crime

Everyone involved in this case “should be ashamed,” he added.

52 years old, Montgomery was convicted in 2007 of killing a 23-year-old woman who was 8 months pregnant in 2004 and extracting her baby., which was later recovered safe and sound by the authorities.

His lawyers argued during the court process that he suffered from mental illness due to the sexual abuse he suffered in his childhood.

This execution, the first by a woman at the federal level since 1953, occurs one week for Joe biden assume the US presidency.

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