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Although we have known for some time that New Pokémon Snap I was on my way to eShop of Nintendo Switch, It was not until last week that we learned that we can finally start taking photos of all these pocket monsters from the April 30, 2021. Thus, with this confirmation, it was also confirmed that the number of creatures that would appear would be more than 200 and now, thanks to the English-speaking portal Nintendo Everything, we have access to the list of all those who have confirmed so far that they will roam freely in the new Lensis region.

These are the creatures that will not miss the appointment of New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap

There are more than 1,000 creatures that are part of this universe, but for a long time quality has been prioritized over quantity, and as was normal, in New Pokémon Snap there will not all be, but some of the most representative of the 8 generations that have been released so far. Thus, now we have known the list (ordered in alphabetical order) of all those that have confirmed their appearance in Lensis up to now:

Aipom Beautifly Bellossom Bidoof Blastoise Bouffalant Bounsweet Comfey Crabrawler Deerling Dodrio Drifblim Exeggutor Finneon Florges Grookey Heliolisk Heracross Hippowdon Lapras Liepard Machamp Magikarp Mandibuzz Mantine Meganium Octillery Onix Pelipper Pichu Pidgeot Pikachu Pikipek Pinsir Primarina Pyukumuku Quagsire Raichu Sawsbuck Scorbunny Seviper Sharpedo Shiftry Skorupi Slaking Sobble Squirtle Starly Swanna Tangrowth Torchic Torterra Toucannon Trapinch Vivillon Wailord Wingull Wooper Zangoose

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Therefore, we are more than clear that there are already many trainers who played the original version of Nintendo 64 who are now preparing their best lenses to have the best possible photographs in New Pokémon Snap. And you, are you thinking of getting a copy of it?


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