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In 2020, Will Joseph Cook He was undaunted by the issue of the pandemic and set out on the path to releasing his second studio album. With Something To Feel Good About, the young musician broke the music scene again with his indie-pop proposal, especially with songs like “Be Around Me”, one of his most recognized pieces.

Now, fully entering 2021, the good Will returns to his old ways with a new version of that fantastic song, only this time he does it from the hand and voice of another young musical promise: the renowned American youtuber Chloe Moriondo.

Cover of the single. Photo: Courtesy

Will Joseph Cook returns with a new version of “Be Around Me”

Music receives new musical proposals at every moment capable of nourishing our playlists with incredible songs. This is how it has done Will Joseph Cook for a while now, although the boom in his career ultimately was produced last year with his most recent album.

Your song “Be Around Me” sneaked into various popularity charts and became a viral phenomenon towards the end of 2020 when users across TikTok they used it to decorate their videos. Well, the success for the young composer will continue to be consolidated in the year that we just started with more releases.

Chloe Moriondo in the new video for “Be Around Me”. Photo: YouTube Capture

Will Joseph Cook a new version of the aforementioned song has just premiered, this time accompanied by the singer’s voice Chloe moriondo a well-known American youtuber who is taking her first musical steps and to whom we will have to keep track in the immediate future.

In this new installment, we see the musician and Chloe having a chat in a rather peculiar chat, with sequences full of color. But we won’t talk to you anymore. Take a look at the video and enjoy this new version of “Be Around Me” for you to add to your playlist.

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About collaboration

For issues of the pandemic, Will Joseph Cock and Chloe they had to record this without getting together; it is more, without meeting in person. While he was in the UK, he found the young Moriondo’s musical proposal on TikTok. And it is that she, in fact, He occupied the British song for his videos on that social network.

“I first came across Chloe’s music after used the song’s audio on TikTok, so it’s crazy that this led us to a collaboration… Collaborating across continents without meeting in person was interesting. I feel like the distance between them worked very well with the lyrics to ‘Be Around Me’, singing about missing being with the person who is spinning in your head, “Will said in a statement. Will we see them again in a song together? It could be, so dWe are attentive to their releases.

Will and Chloe in the video for “Be Around Me.” Photo: YouTube Capture

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