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In mid-December it was announced that the famous horror game from Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco, Little Nightmares II would have a demo on Nintendo Switch. Today, almost a month before the launch of the title, which is dated for February 11, this demo is now available, allowing us to enjoy a shortened version of the game. A detail that is to be appreciated by the study since, as we know, for some time now, demos have stopped being common to being an exception and the possibility of testing a product before its launch is always positive for users . To download this test we will have to do it from the Nintendo Switch eShop, since it does not appear in the web version yet.

Little Nightmares II arrives full of not-so-small nightmares

Additionally, as an accompaniment to this demo, a new trailer for Little Nightmares II has been released, called “Lost In Transmission.” In this video clip, almost two minutes long, we can see the two protagonists, Mono and Six, facing new locations, puzzles and enemies in gloomy and terrifying environments. Our goal in this adventure is to get together with Six, the protagonist of the first installment, to the Tower of Signals, the only place that can free her from the darkness that stalks her.

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Little Nightmares II arrives on Nintendo Switch on February 11. Also, in case you haven’t played the first installment yet and your PC allows you to move the game, you should know that Bandai Namco is giving away codes for Steam until January 17. To acquire one of them, you simply have to include an email in the developer’s digital store, wait for them to send us an email with the code and redeem it on Steam.

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