Mexico City (Nallely Hernández) – The department store chain Liverpool reported that as of today it closes its stores physical throughout the country due to measures by coronavirus.

“In the current health context, in line with the measures announced by the authorities, we closed our physical stores nationwide until the conditions are ideal to continue with activities on a regular basis,” details the notice to clients of the chain of Department stores.

Operations will resume until further notice, he said. However, it will maintain online sales operations as normal, the company said.

“Our delivery teams are monitored to comply with security protocols on each delivery, safeguarding the health of them and of our customers,” the document read.

Liverpool operates in 69 cities in the country with 122 department stores, in addition to 157 Suburbia stores.

Before closing its physical stores, Liverpool had implemented preventive measures in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak, such as increasing rest days for employees and sending the most vulnerable to their homes.

In addition, they had decided to reduce their hours of operation, since the closure of their stores was at 19:00 instead of 21:00.


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