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The year has started in the worst way for a Liverpool that does not quite recognize itself, so used to brilliance that now that it has gotten into a puddle it does not know how to escape. He has been put in check in the league after falling with a crash to Burnley and needs a spark to revive him. With this insecurity in his body, he stands this afternoon at Old Trafford to face United in the FA Cup that can help him to float or sink even more.

Klopp does not lose his smile, a hallmark through thick and thin: “Obviously we have to change something, but not everything. We want to move on and for that we have to play a great game because United is experiencing an exceptional moment, “explained the Liverpool manager who is not going to make much of a change in Manchester. He cannot afford to experiment more than necessary because he needs a triumph that serves as a catharsis to start from scratch.

United cannot be neglected either after being prematurely fired from the Champions League and the League Cup. His growth is to be confirmed against rivals of the stature of Liverpool, even though his enemy arrives somewhat demoralized: “There will be rotations, but it will be a starting eleven prepared to win,” said Solskjaer, who advanced that Lindelöf will arrive in time after overcoming the problems in the back that dragged for months.

Despite the bland 0-0 between the two last week at Anfield, the Norwegian dared to take out his offensive potential: “I don’t rule out playing with four forwards,” the United coach announced in the waiting room. Although if you notice the ownership of Bruno Fernandes, undisputed at Old Trafford, someone has to stay on the bench. And Greenwood is the one with the most ballots in a team that does not touch Rashford or Martial and in which Cavani excels.

The draw brought bad luck to both United and Liverpool, face to face in a match that corresponds more to a final than to the round of 32 of an FA Cup that will lose one of the candidates. Things have changed a lot in Klopp’s box, until recently fearsome, now vulnerable. And that is what his great enemy wants to take advantage of, who wants to put the finishing touches on him at Old Trafford and convince himself that he has to aspire to whatever he sets out to do.

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