Llorente’s girlfriend melts Instagram posing in a bikini in full snow – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image She was the first to talk about posing completely naked on the snow, but she was not the only one who took advantage of the storm Filomena to take artistic photos. Patricia Noarbe, better known as Paddy on social networks, where she is very active, she has also had her moment and published two suggestive photographs this Saturday posing in a bikini in the garden of her house while the snow of the century fell in Madrid.

“Iced coffee porfi. The fool of 2021 is already done, “wrote the Marcos Llorente’s girlfriend Along with the two posadas that he posted on his Instagram account, where the temperature has once again swept and the temperature rises despite the cold that plagues our country these days. The publication already has more than 16,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments, and it has not been the only one of its kind in recent hours.

And is that your partner, Marcos Llorente, He has also starred in a fun moment on his social networks. The Atlético de Madrid footballer has gone further and has published a video in which he is seen in a swimsuit walking towards a deck chair in her garden that is totally snowed, and he lays on it with a drink that he takes advantage of to promote: “At any moment it can be fine.”

Obviously, Marcos Llorente has been trolled on Instagram after uploading that video. One of those who has ‘caña’ has been Sergio Reguilón, with whom he agreed at Real Madrid: “Then I was the one who was doing nonsense …”. He also hit it off in the white wardrobe with Lucas Vazquez, who replies mockingly. Another that interactions is Sandra Garal, Asensio’s girlfriend, which refers so much to Llorente as Paddy: «What a couple of you got together on a snowy day».

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