Look at this incredible cosplay of Temari in Naruto Shippuden of a Mexican model

Naruto took his chance to introduce dozens of ninjas from not only the Hidden Leaf Village, but also the Ninja World in general. One of the biggest lands that was presented as a great rival to Konoha was the Hidden Village of Sand, which brought the influential character Gaara and Temari.

As he recalls a report published on the website of Comic BookBack when the Sand Ninjas were first introduced, Temari and his minions were considered villains in the franchise with Gaara especially posing the biggest threat along with the arrival of Orochimaru.

Surprisingly, the fan-wielding Temari eventually began a relationship with Shikimaru, the shadow-manipulating member of the Hidden Leaf Village, who would eventually become the Seventh Hokage’s right-hand man, Naruto Uzumaki.

With Temari giving birth to her son, Shikadai, the latest Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series has found ways to include the fan-wielding sand dweller in some of its adventures and continues to inspire cosplayers to dress up as her.

Temari’s amazing cosplay

It was the Mexican digital creator Yelihina, better known on Instagram as yelihi__moonwith more than 75,000 followers on the social network, who made this incredible Temari cosplay.

“Hello lunitas, I come running and excited to show you the little session of this weekend premiering cosplay. New character unlocked. Any fans of the princess of the sand? ”, Wrote the content creator in the description of the post.

The images show how the cosplayer perfectly recreated Temari’s original hairstyle and costume. “I leave you a few more photos of my Temari”, she highlighted in another publication with more photos of the cosplay.