Losing weight watching Netflix is ​​possible and this method proves it

Losing those extra kilos are one of the most recurring goals in the world. A large number of people want to lose weight, but it is difficult for them to take that initial step towards the final goal. It is that specific element on which this method is based that will improve your health simply by watching Netflix.

Obviously there is a background in this situation. Don’t think that sitting on the couch and watching the huge amount of content that Netflix has is enough to keep you in shape.

The mechanism, although it will not make you leave the house, does force you to exercise while you watch Stranger Things or any of the seasons of The Office, recently added to the content platform.

How is this? As explained by the portal Spain Daily the mechanism is called Cyflix. It was created by a guy named Ronan Byrne, a 21-year-old Irish Electronic Engineering student.

What is it about?

Simple. It is an exercise bike that is connected to a screen with a Netflix user. If you want to watch the episode of a series you must pedal, if you stop the content will be paused until you start exercising on the elliptical machine again.

Obviously you can send everything to the fifth demon. It is your choice, if you wish, to watch Netflix on any other device.

The remarkable thing about this device is that it is a kind of motivator for those who are addicted to the series and movies of the great N of streaming; It is a way to start that goal that is postponed so much throughout the year.

Obviously, this initiative must be accompanied by a balanced diet in which the levels of fat and carbohydrates are eliminated or reduced.