Love letters for Valentine’s Day 2023 will be written through Artificial Intelligence

If anyone had doubts that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, we come with one more proof. Valentine’s Day this 2023 will be full of machine learning mechanisms, since at least a quarter of the world’s population will resort to systems such as the GPT Chat to write love letters.

According to a study carried out by the firm McAffe’s, cited by the people of Market2026 percent of the world population would be willing to use Artificial Intelligence to write a love letter on February 14, 2023.

The aforementioned site highlights the figures for Mexico, which indicate that 33% of people would leave the sweet words they are going to write to their partner in the hands of AI.

However, this falls short of countries like India, where 62% -counting men and women- would choose this modern path.

Something similar occurs in the United States, with the difference that men register a higher percentage of people who would take this “shortcut” compared to women. 42% of the male gender in North American territory would go to AI against 19% of the female gender.

Says McAffe’s: “One in four people (26%) are now planning to use artificial intelligence to write a note for the object of their affection. 44% say they won’t and 31% admit they wouldn’t know how”.

The percentages could be taken with a win of spontaneity. However, GPT Chat only became popular a few months ago and it has already reached these numbers: What will happen when you have more time installed on the Internet?

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. We recently published a guide on how Artificial Intelligence is embedded in dating apps like OkCupid or Tinder. Users turn to these mechanisms to know what to say and thus generate interest in the other person.

The figures say that through Artificial Intelligence the effective ‘matches’ are increased.