‘Lupine’ sweeps Netflix and may surpass ‘La Casa de Papel’ – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

‘Lupine’ is about to complete a big hit: outperform ‘La Casa de Papel’. Although Netflix has always been reluctant to openly share the results of its original productions, when meetings with investors approach, the ban is usually opened a bit to show off the greatest triumphs, and new French fiction would be the platform’s main reason for joy so far in 2021.

Omar Sy in ‘Lupine’

Since it will be released on January 8, the thriller starring Omar Sy has reached the first position in the top 10 of several territories, such as Spain, Germany or Brazil, showing its good performance. However, as Variety indicates, the depth of ‘Lupine’ would go much further, since, According to Netflix forecasts, 70 million households will see this original bet in its first four weeks.

To put that figure in context, it must be remembered that the fourth season of ‘La Casa de Papel’, one of Netflix’s biggest phenomena, was unmarked last year by reaching 65 million homes. Thus, ‘Lupine’ is on its way to becoming the new flagship of international digital service production, which applies a very particular metric to quantify its views, since a subscriber is considered to have seen the series when they have consumed at least two minutes of it.

The first data of the year

It is no coincidence that the hopeful figures of ‘Lupine’ have been released precisely today, since This Tuesday, January 19, Netflix’s performance in the fourth quarter of 2020 will be revealed. For the moment, the American company remains at the forefront of the streaming market, despite the blazing growth of Disney +, and in the final stretch of last year it could have exceeded the barrier of 200 million subscribers, as Deadline anticipates.

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