Lydia Lozano announces that she has to be operated on urgently

The journalist Lydia lozano has announced in Save me that this Tuesday she will have to undergo an emergency operation in a hospital in Madrid, as she suffers from a crushed bone marrow.

“I have emergency cervical surgery tomorrow”, The gathering has advanced on the set, visibly nervous, explaining that vertebrae four, five, six and seven are affected.

“My hands have been tingling for a month, I thought it was from sleeping badly. When I started to read I didn’t feel the book and I went to the emergency room, “he told his colleagues.

“The doctor told me that I would operate right now, But they have had to do the Covid tests in addition to the preoperative, “Lozano detailed.” I have a crush in the spinal cord and that is what scares me, “he added.

Collaborators from the Mediaset space have tried to reassure their partner, especially Canales Rivera, who has had a very similar operation and has reassured her. “Don’t listen to anything they tell you because you get under the bed, “advised the right-handed man.

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