Lydia Lozano announces that she has to undergo emergency cervical surgery – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

‘Save me’ has started the broadcast on the afternoon of Monday, February 22 with an announcement where seriousness prevailed: Lydia Lozano has to undergo an emergency operation. It has been the collaborator herself who has told about it in the program, explaining the reason why she has to undergo surgery.

Lydia Lozano announces her operation in ‘Sálvame’

« I’ve had my hands asleep for a month« , Lozano confessed to the spectators and his colleagues present on the set, commenting that he does not feel his hands when he reads, for example. The collaborator assures that he feels a recurrent tingling and that, therefore, she has to undergo emergency cervical surgery February 23. As she has revealed, she would have been operated on before, but she had to go through the preoperative classic and, in addition, carry out PCR to rule out that she suffers from coronavirus.

Lydia Lozano is very nervous and terrified about the operation, and it is that, as Carlota Corredera has commented, she does not like operating rooms at all. The journalist suffers a crush in the spinal cord that is due to an accident. As a result of this, they were damaged, which has not benefited from the bad postures derived, for example, from the use of mobile phones.

When will you return to ‘Save me’?

Gema López has been interested in when her return to the program will be or, at least, when she will begin to carry out her normal life, since Lozano is a very active woman. « If after 3 days I can return, I will return« She assured her. However, it seems that the postoperative period is going to be longer than she would like, since they have explained to her that for a while she will not be able to gain weight and follow medical recommendations.

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