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The filmmaker does not agree with the business model taken by Warner Bros. Photo: . | .

One of the news that most managed to surprise moviegoers around the world is the decision by Warner Bros to take a large part of its film premieres billboard and schedule them for simultaneous streaming premiere through HBO MaxWhich, needless to say, is news not very well received by a large number of personalities in the middle.

Since Christopher Nolan until Denis Villeneuve, a large number of filmmakers have spoken out completely against this measure, which, according to many, « would end up annihilating cinema. » Recently, a new filmmaker would join this stance: nothing less than M. Night Shyamalan.

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Shyamalan shared a few words with Fandom in advance of the new season of « Servant« Like other members of the industry, the filmmaker expressed his disappointment at this situation, completely opposing the scenario posed by Warner Bros and the little information that is offered in this regard. « You just have to guess my reaction to it, » he says.

« I don’t endorse it at all. Especially without talking to the filmmakers. Ridiculous. It’s obviously run by the corporations and I feel bad for my colleagues who found out that way and are dealing with it now. » The filmmaker firmly believes that direct streaming is not the answer and that he hopes we can all return to theaters soon.

Three months, four months, five months, whatever. And that both can coexist. That we have high-level entertainment at home and that we have it when we want it to go out. There is no need to cannibalize one another.

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Shyamalan obviously I wouldn’t be completely against streaming, being « Servant« An example of this. But, like many other creators, he remains firm in continuing to make productions made for the big screen. So far, Warner Bros He doesn’t seem to want to back down on his 2021 release plan.

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