Macarena García surprises in ‘El hormiguero’ with her ability to memorize texts

The anthill kicked off one of his most cinematic weeks (Three of the four days of broadcast of the program will receive three actresses and an actor – on Thursday the guests will be the members of the jury of Your face is familiar to meChenoa, Lolita and Ángel Llácer-) with the visit this Monday of Macarena García.

The actress presented her new movie, The art of returning, which will be released next Friday in theaters and in which, as the interpreter commented, “We recorded it in eleven days and I appear in all the shots. It was a lot of text and I had to study like crazy”.

Pablo Motos wanted to highlight García’s ability to memorize texts and proposed a challenge: “To see your memory, if I give you a text of five lines, that seems easy, but it is difficult: Could you memorize it live?”.

“I’ll do it wrong, but I’m going to try,” agreed the actress. Motos explained that “the director of the film (Pedro Collantes) was quite amazed by your ability to memorize because you had very long texts “, to which Garcia replied: “He has gotten me into trouble.”

Macarena García, in 'El hormiguero'.
Macarena García, in ‘El hormiguero’.

The presenter pointed out that “it is a game and if it goes wrong, nothing happens. The text has the word habit three times and many concepts: We associate places with habits, on the couch I watch TV, in the kitchen like chocolate … It is easier to create a new habit in a new environment than to rebuild it in an environment tainted by other habits “.

“I know it is a lot of pressure,” acknowledged Motos, while Trancas added: “What a horror phrase: Who has come up with it?”. The Valencian gave the card with the phrase to the guest so that she could memorize it.

After reading it several times, García commented that “I’m getting overwhelmed, let’s try “. The actress recited the phrase, not verbatim, but they accepted it while the audience did not stop applauding: “It was good grades,” the guest concluded.

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