macho, racist, homophobic, punk-seeking and without track records

The team Haas F1 he is in the middle of the controversy with one of his pilots, despite the fact that he has not played even a kilometer of the Grand Prix with them.

Nikita Mazepin

Is about Nikita Mazepin, quite a character in the paddock who was already well known for his adventures in the lower categories and who is now in the eye of the hurricane for one of many misplaced actions that he has starred in. In this case, harassing a girl and posting the video on his social networks, forcing him and his team to apologize for having to deal with a extra sports mess That has left you in a very complex situation.

But where did this 21-year-old come from?

The winners? by Nikita Mazepin

Mazepin has not reached Formula 1 (if he is not thrown out before) with an excellent record. Quite the opposite: does not have any champion title. He started in 2011 in karting, and it took him three years to be among the leaders. In 2014 he was runner-up in the CIK world, and began to wander through various categories of single-seaters.

Lewis Hamilton and Mick Schumacher, at the Eifel GP

In 2016 he made the leap to European F3, where he only added 10 points and finished 20th in the championship. The following year he improved somewhat: he achieved three podiums and finished 10th in a season in which he already shared the grid with riders like Lando norris or your next partner Mick schumacher.

In 2018 he took the step to GP3, despite the fact that he had not shone in European F3 by any means, and started flawlessly: a victory in Barcelona, the first he achieved in his single-seater career. He added three more that year, but ended up losing the championship to the late Anthoine Hubert.

After made the jump to F2, a contest that has had Russian among its ranks both in 2019 and 2020. Its balance in two seasons has been 2 victories and 6 podiums and in his last race of the year gave a good example of his style: he was sanctioned with 10 seconds by defenses well over the limit of the regulation, one of them kicking Felipe Drugovich off the track. A similar action already cost him a punishment in one of the two races of the Spa weekend, which made him lose the victory.

Statistically, it can be assured that Mazepin will be one of the pilots with the least baggage on the next Formula 1 grid. According to data from ‘Driver Data Base’, he has contested 191 races between all categories since he started, and has only achieved 7 victories in total, 3.7%, and 24 podiums (12, 7%). With these figures, what arguments do you have to convince Haas to get to Formula 1?

Heir to a multi-million dollar compost empire

To see what Mazepin brings to motorsports, you have to know who his father is, as in many other cases of what are called paid pilots. It is not the first, far from it, in the history of Formula 1 and not even on the current grid. Lance Stroll is a perfect example, as his father bought Racing Point / Aston Martin to support him.

Nikita Mazepin arrives with an estimated briefcase of about 30 million euros, which can serve to save the battered finances of Haas F1. The argument that the Americans gave to Romain grosjean already Kevin Magnussen (who contributed, but much less, in the form of sponsors) was precisely that financially they needed an injection. That’s where Mazepin’s offer came in, which for all practical purposes has turned Haas into a sort of hostage of your money.

The pilot is the son of Dimitry Arkadievich Mazepin, one of the largest Russian fortunes and owner of the chemical fertilizer company Uralchem ​​Integrated Chemicals Company, and has practically the monopoly on ammonium nitrate, the main synthetic fertilizer for industrial use in the world. It is estimated that his fortune far exceeds 1 billion euros.

His son’s dream was to be a motor racing driver and that is why, from a very young age, he has been paying for the party in each category in which he has raced.

Mazepin’s out of tune: threats, punches, blackmail …

Being a paid pilot does not have to entail a conflictive character, far from it, but in the case of Mazepin it falls within the archetype of spoiled spoiled child. In his very poor sports career, he has made the headlines more times for unsportsmanlike actions on or off the track than for being on the podium.

One of the most talked about was in 2016, when he gave him punch Callum Ilott, one of his rivals at the time and who this year has also competed against him. It left him with a black eye and a bruise on his jaw.

Two years later, there was an explosion in one of the mines of his father’s company that left nine dead, for which mourning was decreed in the region. He partied and shared photos and videos with various models.

But if Mazepin has shown his character out of place, it is on social networks. Several have come to light private messages in which he asked girls who followed him to send him naked photos in exchange for tickets for the circuits or similar. If they refused, he accused them of “heating up.”

The unsportsmanlike actions on the track led to insults on social networks. TO Yuki tsunoda He told him that if he did not know how to lose, he should dedicate himself to the Kabuki theater, “which is where he belongs”, alluding to the nationality of the pilot (with whom he can coincide in 2021 if, as it seems, AlphaTauri), and another Asian user caused a serious conflict in a discussion that resulted in harassment on the networks towards him because of his race.

Congratulate Covid-19 on its anniversary because “Uncle in Wuhan ate a bat” It was seen as disrespectful, especially since in his country, Russia, some 45,000 people have died from this disease according to official figures.

Last but not least controversial, his lack of moderation and disregard for the privacy of the rest of the pilots was seen in a live on instagram with George Russell. In the middle of the comments, Mazepin dropped a phrase that upset the Williams driver a lot (and from Mercedes) and that opened many rumors about her sexuality, about which Russell has never referred: “I have a secret about you, which some might call a coming out of the closet “. Russell, in this case, did not respond.

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