Macron’s four projects in 2021

This government seminar, which brought together at the Élysée the 42 members of the government, listed four priority actions for the coming months, explained at the exit the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal.

He cited the rollout of the stimulus package, with the bill upholding Republican principles “to fight against political Islamism” , the law on measures in favor of the climate drawn from the proposals of the Citizens’ Convention as well as the “Beauvau de la sécurité”, intended for “to further support our police forces”.

In addition, “Important measures on equal opportunities will be announced in the coming weeks, at the request of the President of the Republic”, he assured.

He did not initially mention among these priorities neither the reform of pensions, nor that of dependency, nor that of unemployment insurance. These reforms remain “on the agenda” but will depend on the end of the health crisis and the economic recovery, he then said, in response to questions from the press.

The pension reform, much contested by the unions, like that of unemployment insurance “a big question mark”, according to a source close to the executive. (.)

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