Madness on eBay, there are AirPods Max for sale for $ 1,500

Apple just a few days ago presented its new AirPods Max, high-end headphones at a fairly high price. These are not AirPods for all users, but for the price at which they are selling on eBay right now, their official price will seem cheap to you.

airpods max ebay
The price of AirPods Max on eBay

This phenomenon usually happens every time a product is sold out at launch. We have seen it recently with the PS5 and has already happened with other Apple devices in the past. Many users take advantage of buying these devices early and then selling them second-hand for tripling the price.

In the case of AirPods Max, you only have to browse eBay to see the insane prices that are rising. The US starting price of AirPods Max is $ 549, and on eBay there are those who are asking $ 1,500.

airpods max ebay list
Long list of AirPods Max on eBay

Regrettably, it is something that does not surprise us. Yesterday we already told you that the AirPods Max were sold out in certain countries of the world until the month of March, and there are those who want to get a good slice of this delay.

True, there are other AirPods Max units available for around $ 1,000, but that’s still practically double their official price. The amount of AirPods Max that are for sale is quite surprising on the eBay website in the United States.

These users were able to purchase the AirPods Max at the time of its launch and now they want to get triple what they paid for them. Let’s hope that the play does not go well and nobody buys them, it is not good to try to take advantage of who really wants a device.

The AirPods Max arrive with a new and very careful design, with nods to other devices and with a price that starts at 629 euros in Spain. They are certainly not for everyone, but there are still those who want to take advantage.

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