Madonna, 62 years of a diva in constant reinvention

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Madonna had breakfast yesterday on her 62nd birthday congratulating herself. This beast of the Leo sign has earned the right to enjoy her self-congratulation before the world, because there is only one queen of pop who has left us an unmatched legacy. Thanks to her talent, her charisma, her reinventions and, why not say it also, some departure from tone, Madonna has paved the way for a generation of stars. She showed rebellion from an early age, although somewhat limited by the fear of losing her father since, when she was five years old, her mother died of breast cancer. From her childhood, she showed her passion for art, dancing and doing pirouettes in front of her classmates, movements that were supported by excellent school results.

After graduating from Rochester Adams High School, Madonna received a dance scholarship from the University of Michigan. Without finishing, she traveled to New York, where she met, in 1979, Dan Gilroy, with whom she made her first band: Breakfast Club. She sang, played drums and guitar. However, a year later she left the group and, together with her partner Stephen Bray, would form the band Emmy. Her self-titled debut album came out in 1983 and the album’s second track, “Like a Virgin,” which was quite outrageous for its time, established the diva as a provocateur. In the video, where she was wearing a wedding dress, she discovered the joys of sex, images unheard of for the time. When the wedding dress rolled on the floor as the singer moaned, the world was speechless. But it was still a decade before she continued to amaze us with Jean Paul Gaultier’s tapered bras on her 1990 Blond Ambition tour.

Inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame, “Rolling Stone” magazine has named her the most famous female pop artist who ever lived and she is considered one of the 100 most outstanding women of the 20th century.

Controversy lover

Flirting with controversy since her teens, we’ve seen this icon kiss Britney Spears at the 2003 VMAs, hang a disco ball crucifix on the 2006 Confessions tour, and even perform in a burning church on “Like a Prayer ”, an issue that the Vatican, led by Pope John Paul II, condemned and urged a boycott

At 62 years old, Madonna has published fourteen albums (the last one came out last year), eleven world tours, and has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. Of course, not everything is rosy: the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry indicated that, in 2001, Madonna was the artist most affected by piracy.

Right now, the singer is having a passionate romance with dancer Ahlamalik Williams, 27. In addition, she has a great time with the company of the little ones of the house, the twins Stella and Esther. This week, on her Instagram, we saw how she enjoyed a celebration prior to her birthday, in which there was no shortage of roses and love.

Madonna is undoubtedly a living legend and a pioneer of reinvention, her latest avatar being Madame X, on her fourteenth studio album of the same name. “Madame X is a secret agent who travels the world, changes her identity, fights for freedom, brings light to dark places,” he said in the launch video. In fact, it was she who formalized provocation and reinvention so that other female artists could continue to evolve their sound, their image and their creative narrative.

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