Madrid focuses on family and friends gatherings and could dictate new restrictions this Friday

80% of the new Covid-19 infections that are being detected today in the Community of Madrid have to do with family or social gatherings. “Entire infected families are arriving at the emergency room”, the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, warned this Wednesday.

Number of cases included in the Health records as of January 13

The also spokesman for the regional government did not hide that he is “concerned” by the latest data showing an upward evolution of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid, which points to a third wave that could collapse health services.

In this sense, Aguado did not rule out that the Ministry of Health dictates new restrictions this Friday to try to stop the infections. And he asserted: “Any restriction that must be raised has to do with trying to limit as much as possible” family and social gatherings.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, also regretted this Wednesday that the contagion figures are increasing in Madrid, in all probability, due to the meetings that took place last Christmas.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias, this Friday in Moncloa.

“We are approximately over 600 cases and the trend is for it to continue increasing”said the counselor in an interview. Ruiz Escudero did not give clues about the new restrictions that the technicians of his department could adopt this Friday beyond the fact that they will continue to focus on basic health areas, but he made a couple of considerations on how the curve could behave in the coming days.

On the one hand, he pointed out that the so-called British strain of Covid-19, considered very contagious, is already having an effect on the trend of infections in Madrid and the rest of Spain. Ruiz Escudero pointed out that 48 cases of this variant have already been confirmed in the region and have “hundreds” under study. On the other hand, the Minister of Health predicted that “the meteorological confinement” that the passage of the storm Filomena and the subsequent cold wave has meant for a large part of Madrid’s residents, could result in less transmission of the virus.

Regarding the possibility of a confinement not imposed by bad weather, such as the one that has been dictated in some European countries to stop contagion, the Government of the Community, like the central one, does not even consider it. “We work to keep the economy open, schools open … and of course we do not contemplate any other option but to continue in that line”Aguado pointed out.

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