Madrid is promoted through the campaign “Together we are a Greater Madrid” in the North American market

The Madrid’s community presents a new tourism campaign in online format under the motto Together we are a Greater Madrid, aimed at the North American market and endowed with one million euros. The main objective is to recover the competitiveness of the region as attractive and safe tourist destination after the stoppage generated by the COVID-19 crisis.

It is a segmented promotion, based on the interests of potential tourists, in which the different destinations and tourist resources of the Community are made known. The campaign, of a programmatic nature, is aimed at attracting more than nine million possible future visitors from the upper-middle purchasing segment of the North American market, interested in the different tourism products (culture and heritage, shopping, business tourism, wine tourism, leisure, gastronomy or flamenco).

This campaign joins the one developed last summer by the regional government under the name Together we are a better Madrid, in order to reactivate proximity tourism; Y Memories of Madrid, aimed at national tourism and the main European tourist source markets (Italy, France and Germany) launched on November 11 in collaboration with the City Council of the capital.

The Community of Madrid received 864,720 North American tourists in 2019, with a total expenditure of 1,561 million euros, which placed the American market as the main source of tourists in the region. In the first nine months of 2020 and due to mobility restrictions due to COVID-19, there has been an 82.3% drop in the number of tourists from the United States compared to the same period of the previous year. However, Americans have continued to be those with the highest average daily expenditure (267 euros) and per stay (1,857 euros).

In addition to the drop in the number of travelers, there has been a substantial decrease in the online search for the intention to travel to Madrid since the beginning of the crisis generated by the pandemic. Therefore, with this action in digital media and social networks, it is intended to correct this situation and regain the position of preferential tourist destination for potential visitors to cities such as Chicago, Miami and New York, inviting them to plan their visit to travel once circumstances permit. It is important to maintain contact and visibility at origin in the markets that have traditionally contributed high rates of tourism to the region.

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